Eggs Beneditcs Healthy Bowls Bagels & Croissants Waffles, Pancakes & Toasts



EGGS ANY STYLE Three eggs any style with mult... $10.50
SCRAMBLED EGG WHITES (CAGE FREE) Egg whites, ham or turkey, mul... $11.50
STRACCIATELLA CHEESE AND CHIA HONEY TOAST (x1) Multigrain toast, Stracci... $9.50
AVOCADO TOAST (x1) Multigrain Toast, avocado... $10.50 AVOCADO TOAST - La Griglia
OMELETTES Prepare your favorite omelet,... $10.50
Toppings Bacon 3<br> Sausage 4<br> Tu...


Parma We serve all Benedicts with a... $13.50
SMOKED SALMON We serve all Benedicts with a... $14.50
AVO BURRATA We serve all Benedicts with a... $13.50
SPINACH AND BRIE We serve all Benedicts with a... $12.50
CELEBRITY THREESOME We serve all Benedicts with a... $16.50

Healthy Bowls

AÇAI BOWL Açai, fresh seasonal fruits, g... $11.50 AÇAI BOWL - La Griglia
GRANOLA BOWL Gluten-free granola, Greek yog... $9.00
FRUIT BOWL Fresh seasonal fruit, and hone... $8.50

Bagels & Croissants

SPINACH & BRIE CHEESE EGG CROISSANT Croissant with over easy egg,... $13.00
EGG, TOMATO, BURRATA CROISSANT Croissant, scrambled eggs, roa... $14.50
SMOKED SALMON BAGEL Plain bagel, smoked salmon, cr... $16.00
PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH Peanut butter and grilled jell... $9.50

Waffles, Pancakes & Toasts

CLASSIC WAFFLE Homemade waffle, maple syrup,... $9.50
CHICKEN WAFFLE Homemade waffle, fried crispy... $12.50 CHICKEN WAFFLE - La Griglia
OREO WAFFLE Homemade Oreo cookies Waffle,... $10.50 OREO WAFFLE - La Griglia
CLASSIC PANCAKE Homemade pancakes, maple syrup... $9.50
MATCHA PANCAKES Homemade pancakes, mascarpone... $10.50
NUTELLA PANCAKES Homemade Nutella Pancake, tons... $11.50 NUTELLA PANCAKES - La Griglia
FRENCH TOAST Original French toast, warm ma... $9.50
SPECIAL FRENCH TOAST Homemade French toast, maple s... $15.00